Sunday Morning | Clarksdale, MS

I really don’t mind getting up early, especially if it means I get to capture all the cuteness this household holds in the early hours. My incredible friends, the Nolands, let me into a bit of their morning routine as they got ready for church. Juggling a toddler and baby with feedings, dressing and hair combing all with the intention of leaving the house on time…it’s definitely busy. But it’s also real moments for them. I don’t know how many times their 3 year old, Lilla, came barreling down the hallway with an enormous smile on her face. Wonderful moments captured that play out every morning for them. It was also wonderful to see the transition to church where family and friends had gathered to celebrate sweet baby Kate’s baptism in Clarksdale, MS. Love these sweet friends of mine and getting to spend time in a day in a life for them.