Capturing beauty in the unexpected moments

Though we travel the world over to find the beautiful, we must carry it with us or find it not. 

- Ralph waldo emerson


Portraits reveal a truth about an individual. It can be a truth of vulnerability, strength, beauty. You can confront people with your truth by looking straight on into the camera. You can invite people in to your truth by an off guard moment. You can inspire someone with your truth when they relate to a moment. Capturing this form of who you are allows for a snapshot in time. You're never going to have your 20's again, 30's again, 60's again. Who you are now is the foundation of who you are becoming and it's amazing journey to document. I want to document this with you. 



Heart of You

For me this is what photography boils down to, revealing something about our human nature. Everyone has layers and unique and amazing qualities. It takes time to open up to someone and especially when there is a camera involved.  I want this time to be about showing your strength as an individual, your vulnerability, your goofy side. We can talk all about everything that has made you who you are today. When your mind goes to those places, there's honesty in your face and body language and it comes through in the images I capture. Be ready for not just a session of smiling at the camera...but an experience. 

$250/2 hours

Story Session

Sometimes you find yourself in a place in life you know you want to soak up because things are about to change. You won't be 20 forever. You may be starting a new job in a new city. Or you just love what life is throwing at you now. It's your story! I think it's worth capturing. This session is a documentary session following your life or you and your partner's life as it is happening. It might seem a little bit weird having a photographer following you around but I'm so casual about how I shoot, it soon feels like hanging out with a friend and not the paparazzi, I promise. Throughout our time together, I want to learn what makes you you. How do you interact with those around you? What makes your life right now so unique? It's a complete collaboration between photographer and subject(s). Head to the bar with friends, go for a walk with the one you love, order your favorite cheesecake to share with your mom. Let's discuss more about your story and capture memories you want to have forever. 

$350/ 3 hours

Branding Purposes

Who needs an old fashioned headshot?!? Well, some do. And that is totally able to be captured. But this session is inspired to go beyond staring at the camera and saying "cheese." You work hard. You love what you do. You need to get your face out there. Show people all about what it is you really do. Branding is so important nowadays especially for business owners and entrepreneurs. By showing potential clients who you are in a relatable way, it can help your business greatly. Whether, it's capturing you working at your desk, running your tractor during harvest season, helping a customer/client, there are several ways to become relatable to your clients and contribute to a consistent and eye-catching brand. 

$250/20 ImAGES