Capturing beauty in the unexpected moments

When someone else's happiness is your happiness, that is love.

-lana del rey


I use my eye to capture all the beauty, the tears, the laughter and the unexpected moments on your wedding day from an artistic and documentary approach.


What I Offer

Engagement Story

You have a beautiful and unique story. I would love the opportunity to be a part in documenting your story. I call this session a story because it's not just you standing and posing. If this is going to reflect who you are, it's important to do things you love. I want you to be you. Whether it's following a cozy morning together making coffee and snuggling on the couch or whether it's going for a walk in the farm fields. Let's find something that is natural and authentic to who you are as a couple. 

Wedding day/Week

This is the day when you are relying on so many people to see your day come together. I work with you throughout your planning process and am completely available to you on the day of your wedding. You truly need a partner in this thing and I love being that for you. I work unobtrusively and run around capturing all the action from a documentary and artistic approach. I choose not to constantly grab you for shots because not too many brides and grooms want the photographer to be the center of attention on their day...ha! And I don't want that either. It's about you! It's about the love you have built and the commitment you are making in front of your closest family and friends. I want you focused on that! If you have a week planned for your guests and family and want to discuss documenting some of those memories, I would be happy to as well. 

Heart of a bride

Here's where it gets creative and fun. This is all about the bride and who you are as a woman! The portraits I capture are intended to show who you are.  I want to show your power and your strength, your goofy side, your sexiness. Women are amazing and I want this session to be about confirming and/or rediscovering that in you. This ain't just any ol' bridal session. Get ready for an experience. I offer these "bridal sessions" before or after the wedding. This is a session that allows us to get a bit more creative than there usually is time for on the day of the wedding. Whether it's shooting in an abandoned building or hiking through the forrest and fields, together we get to create beautiful and artistic imagery for you to remember this time in your life and celebrate who you are. 


booking details







the wedding consultation. I can't wait to hear your love story and what you imagine for your wedding day. I'll walk you through my personal process and we'll see how we make sure to capture what's important to you through my style.

the wedding day! You don't just get a photographer with me you're getting a ready made wedding day friend! But also, I pay attention to the moments. The subtle ones as well as the big ones. I take a laid back and unobtrusive approach to photographing. I'm not there to stage anything. I also love to have some time set aside with just the bride and groom for portraits. This day only happens once! I want you to remember how you looked at each other and smiled at every little thing. My goal is to make you comfortable and capture your real emotions whether it's being your silly goofy self or soaking in your spouse through some quiet time together

the wedding photos. I work to get your photos to you in a timely matter. I look forward to the delivery day probably just as much as you! Most importantly, I want to help you see your photos in print, a tangible way to relive your beautiful day. I offer several print, wall art and album options and look forward to working with you to make sure you are able to take something you love home!